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Pépin's Blog a ‘sneak peek’ into the world of the author.

Consistently inconsistent brings to mind amongst many other things the B Pepinesq blog .

This author’s monologue will keep the world and their mouse informed of what’s what. Although you are invited rest assured with this blog ‘dialogue is not mandatory.’

So the intention of this blog is to be for me, the writer and you a dedicated fan (#PepinesqFan):


Enthralling (really my blog post?)

Challenging (potential there for some drawkcab egaugnal)


Remember you are invited to participate although naturally this is in no way obligatory. So, you can view this blog to be an opportunistic sip of "Cappuccino Fiction" in the somewhat voyeuristic manner of the ‘sneak peek.’ Or, as an opportunistic sip before dunking during a "Cappuccino Chat."



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B Pepinesq's Blog

Ongoing metamorphous (Thu, 12 Oct 2017)
Have you noticed the ongoing metamorphous of Pépin’s “Cappuccino Fiction” into “Quick Reads” for busy people? For the moment the following titles have received a makeover with Amazon/Kindle: 001 Satirical Time Machine 002 Language of Love 003 Rolling in the Aisles 004 Between the Eyes 005 Pulling the Lever 006 The Curse 009 Garethée the younger 007 Goldiloks & Three Pink Shrimps 013 Psychological Terror 030 FAT Dirty Habits 033 Quest and Cuisine https://amazon.com/author/pepin Enjoy posted by B Pepinesq on October, 17
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Quick Reads for busy people - your chance to read for 'FREE' (Tue, 10 Oct 2017)
Quick Reads for busy people - your chance to read for 'FREE' The eBook series of Quick Reads for busy people are short, gripping, entertaining, sometimes challenging and often surprising. Written by B Pepinesq the term Quick Reads is used by Pépin to denote his short stories up to six thousand words or thereabouts. You can read many of his Quick Reads for 'FREE' with Kindle Unlimited* https://amazon.com/author/pepin https://pepinwebpages.jimdo.com Enjoy *Subject to terms and conditions Amazon.com Inc. Amazon and Kindle are trademarks of Amazon.com Inc. or its affiliates. posted by B Pepinesq on October, 12
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(Fri, 06 Oct 2017)...posted by B Pepinesq on !?!? (Sat, 07 Oct 2017)
(Fri, 06 Oct 2017)...posted by B Pepinesq on !?!? What is it all about? If you read this blog via my webpages you may well have noticed a curious discrepancy in the beginning and end dates. The first date is the actual date as posted on Goodreads the second and final date is at times a load of cod's wallop. Why am I even passing the time with this observation? More than likely the simple pleasure of using the term "cod's wallop". Have an excellent day. https://pepinwebpages.jimdo.com posted by B Pepinesq on October, 08
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