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Pépin's Blog a ‘sneak peek’ into the world of the author.

Consistently inconsistent brings to mind amongst many other things the B Pepinesq blog .

This author’s monologue will keep the world and their mouse informed of what’s what. Although you are invited rest assured with this blog ‘dialogue is not mandatory.’

So the intention of this blog is to be for me, the writer and you a dedicated fan (#PepinesqFan):


Enthralling (really my blog post?)

Challenging (potential there for some drawkcab egaugnal)


Remember you are invited to participate although naturally this is in no way obligatory. So, you can view this blog to be an opportunistic sip of "Cappuccino Fiction" in the somewhat voyeuristic manner of the ‘sneak peek.’ Or, as an opportunistic sip before dunking during a "Cappuccino Chat."



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B Pepinesq's Blog

'Going Out of Town' (Thu, 27 Apr 2017)
'Going Out of Town' All being well I will be ‘in town & online’ in late June. So enjoy this respite and… posted by B Pepinesq on May, 22
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Thank you for the retweets (Thu, 27 Apr 2017)
Thank you for the retweets. As you will be aware I do not have a twitter account, so retweets about the special offers of Cappuccino Fiction are appreciated. So this is a special thanks to the following on Twitter for their support. https://twitter.com/ph_solomon https://twitter.com/pmartinauthor https://twitter.com/RichardFrench4 https://twitter.com/lorenzo2920 https://twitter.com/sasspip And naturally all this would not be possible without the help of askDavid.com http://askdavid.com posted by B Pepinesq on June, 11
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My very first time (Thu, 27 Apr 2017)
Have I told you about my very first time? No! I think it was way back on April 13th, yes now I remember I posted ‘My very first time’ in answer to the April photo prompt at 100wordstory.org If you want to read all about it and the many other entries simply click and look at this month’s photo prompt. http://www.100wordstory.org Enjoy posted by B Pepinesq on May, 23
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