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Pépin's Blog a ‘sneak peek’ into the world of the author.

Consistently inconsistent brings to mind amongst many other things the B Pepinesq blog .

This author’s monologue will keep the world and their mouse informed of what’s what. Although you are invited rest assured with this blog ‘dialogue is not mandatory.’

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Remember you are invited to participate although naturally this is in no way obligatory. So, you can view this blog to be an opportunistic sip of "Cappuccino Fiction" in the somewhat voyeuristic manner of the ‘sneak peek.’ Or, as an opportunistic sip before dunking during a "Cappuccino Chat."



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B Pepinesq's Blog

Weather I do or I don't (Sun, 13 Aug 2017)
Weather I do or I don't:- That was not a spelling error I'm talking about the weather and the difference it makes on holiday. "August the month of sunshine and ..." Was what I had in mind for this summer holiday at the end of the world. Well it is not happening so I am hanging out indoors in front of the screen. Time to dream up another cappuccino fiction. Meantime did you spot the washing on the line at last months photoprompt with http://www.100wordstory.org Are you taking part in this months Photoprompt? 100 words between the showers. Have fun posted by B Pepinesq on August, 13
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Sneak peak at the Summer holidays (Sat, 08 Jul 2017)
Is the sun shinning and all is well with the world? Time for summer holidays, are you doing anything / anywhere in particular? I have in mind to walk a bit at the 'end of the world' probably in August. Maybe I will see you there. Enjoy Pépin posted by B Pepinesq on July, 18
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'Going Out of Town' (Thu, 27 Apr 2017)
'Going Out of Town' All being well I will be ‘in town & online’ in late June. So enjoy this respite and… posted by B Pepinesq on August, 19
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